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Keler withdraws liquidation request against Emfesz

Clearing house Keler on Monday said it withdrew a liquidation request against Emfesz on Friday, after the gas trader settled its debts with its peers.

Keler settled its debts with twelve members of the Gas Industry Collective Guarantee Fund (GKGA) by February 11, Keler said.

The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) suspended Emfesz's gas trading licence for 90 days on January 13, after its suppliers stopped deliveries because of unpaid bills.

At the beginning of February, Emfesz managing director István Góczi told MTI that problems resulting from the suspension of the license had “come to an end”.

“We paid Keler, the clearing house for the gas trade market, about HUF 1.5 billion we owed and eliminated the legal grounds for a liquidation procedure earlier initiated by Keler. At the same time, we took care of FGSz Földgázszállító's invoices. We are still solving smaller problems with FGSz, but we have closed the 2010 business year,” Góczi said at the time.

Emfesz sells gas to 300,000 retail consumers, 300 local councils, 1,100 institutional consumers, 6,000 SMEs and several hundred industrial companies. (MTI-Econews)