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KDB orders to reassess Záhony railway tender

Hungary's Public Procurement Arbitration Committee (KDB) has instructed the National Infrastructure Development Company to reevaluate bids submitted in a tender for the renovation and expansion of a broad-gauge railway in the Záhony region after the consortium that won the tender presents supplementary information, the Public Procurement Council reported on its website.

KDB also imposed a HUF 3 million (€10,709) fine on the National Infrastructure Development Company for declaring the Euro-Híd-Wiva Konzorcium to be the winner of the tender called in December 2009 even though the company failed to provide verification of its ability to receive, process and dispose of waste generated in the course of building the railway and neglected to submit a labor-protection statement.

Euro-Híd-Wiva, which was declared as the winner of the tender with a low bid of HUF 12.9 billion, is one of four consortia vying to implement the project along with the Eurokapu-2011 Konzorcium, the S-D Konzorcium and the Záhony II Konzorcium.

The Euro-Híd-Wiva consortium is lead by A-Híd Építő, Eurokapu-2011 Konzorcium is led by Swietelsky Vasúttechnika, S-D Konzorciumis led by Prague-basedi Subterra and Záhony II. Konzorcium is led by OHL ZS a.s. (MTI-ECONEWS)