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Kaposvár sugar refinery expands biogas production with EU funding

Magyar Cukor Zrt (MC) has completed a European Union-funded post-fermentation unit at the company's sugar refinery in Kaposvár that will make it possible for the plant to meet more than half of its energy needs using biogas, Judit Szendefy Nagy, managing director of MC subsidiary Biogáz Fejlesztő Kft, said.

The post-fermentation unit will increase the efficiency of biogas-production equipment using byproducts from the processing of sugar beets that has been operating at the refinery since 2007. The company won HUF 90 million in EU funding for the HUF 220 million project. The investment is currently in the test phase.

The further processing of the fermentation liquid will also serve to improve the efficiency of the local sewage treatment. The post-fermentation unit is expected to have capacity to produce 7,000 cubic meters of biogas per day.

The company hopes to carry out further developments to fully cover the energy requirements of its sugar refinery by 2013, which could result in savings of HUF 3 billion per year, Nagy said. (MTI – Econews)