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Jitti to prevent traffic jams on GPS market

A new interactive, public traffic alert system was launched for smartphones, under the Jitti brand. It relies on the activity of the smartphone users’ community to give snapshots about Hungary’s traffic map.

Named after the abbreviation of Just In Time Traffic Information, Jitti shows real-time data on traffic in Budapest or anywhere else in Hungary where there are joined members with their smartphones’ GPS on. With the devices in the hands of even hundreds of people, Jitti can provide info on the traffic and average speed and therefore helps to avoid traffic jams. Speed is measured using GPS data and is aggregated by the system and shows it on the users’ displays through internet connection.

The information is provided by the fast growing community of now about one thousand Jitti users and Jitti Klub on Facebook. According to previous estimates of the developers, about 500 active users can already provide useful information to create a complete traffic map of Budapest.

Users can register anonymously, by giving only a valid email-address, and not even the departure nor the arrival area is registered by Jitti. The are then can check and gather information free of charge, but the company is also planning to introduce premium services in the near future. (BBJ Online)