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Jabil Hungary to spend HUF 3 billion on expansion and capacity development

  Jabil Hungary will further expand its operations in Tiszaújváros and will also invest in a new development center, both supported by EU funds.


Jabil Hungary is going to spend HUF 1.8 billion on the expansion of its production capacities, supported by HUF 380 million of EU funds from the Economic Development Program. The electronic manufacturing services provider will expand in order to meet increasing demand for mobile handset production.


The other ongoing project of Jabil is the creation of a technology competence center, with a total cost of HUF 1.2 billion, including HUF 400 million of EU money. With this investment, Jabil Hungary will create a training and knowledge center to develop new equipment and production technologies to increase competitiveness and added value. „Electronic manufacturing is becoming less depending on electronics and more on an expanded range of services, and we have to prepare for that,” Zoltán Király, CEO of Jabil Hungary said. 


Jabil Hungary was established ten years ago in Tiszaújváros, as the first such plant in the region. Today it accounts for 10% of the total revenues of Jabil's global operation, the third larges EMS company globally, which made $10 billion of turnover in 2009. Jabil Hungary could increase its revenues by 40% and its number of employees by 60% in the 2010 business year ending in September. (BBJ)