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IT can be point of breakout

In the current economic environment creativity and innovation can be points of breakout for the ICT industry, and that is why the Hungarian Association of IT companies (IVSZ) selected these two features to characterize its yearly conference called MENTA. The event took place on September 17-18 and attracted 250 visitors, managers and IT professional alike.

On the forenight of MENTA, minister of economy István Varga announced that ICT sector will become a specially treated industry on government level. It also means that government accepted the action plan compiled by IVSZ based on the member companies opinions and ideas.

On the first day of the conference a declaration of intent was signed by IVSZ, Budapest Technical College and American software maker Cadence drafting a creation of a competence center. It is the first result related to the electronic section of IVSZ founded in spring, and it can help fill in the gap between the practical experience of freshly graduated engineers and expectations of the future employers. The educational and research lab would be located in the Talentis Innovation Center. (BBJ Online)