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Invitel sees one million potential clients for bundled services

  In the next couple of years, the average client that is currently contracted to three different service providers, will choose bundled services. About one million can be motivated by discounts and easy bill management.

More than one million households, 27% of the total number is subscribed to at least four telecommunications services, and three fourths of these households are contracted with at least four services providers. However, they are all potential clients for bundled services at any of the Sps, because of the price differences, sometimes reaching 20%, and the more comfortable billing structure and administration. “When we introduced mobile internet services in bundles, 28% of the clients responded positively to the first offer,” said György Zsembery, chief operating officer at Invitel. Currently, there are about 20,000 subscribers to the service.

Talking about the consolidation of the market, Zsembery added that in the long run, only three or four service providers will be able to meet the demand for highly differentiated services on the residential market. To be in the selected few, Invitel has been investing in network development, laying optical cables to be able to provide greater bandwidth for faster internet and advanced IPTV broadcast services. The company expects the largest source of growth will be the agglomeration of Budapest in the near future. (BBJ)