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Investment fund assets grow 0.8% to HUF 3,855 billion in April

Assets in Hungarian investment funds grew 0.8% to HUF 3,855 billion in April from a month earlier, boosted by purchases of units by retail investors, the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSZ) told MTI on Monday.

Investment funds drew HUF 5.5 billion in fresh capital and had yields of HUF 25.9 billion in April.

Assets in share funds fell 1.8% to HUF 369 billion as withdrawals came to HUF 5.7 billion and the funds had a negative yield of HUF 1.1 billion.

Money market funds grew 0.7% to HUF 1,364 billion as the funds attracted HUF 7 billion and yields added HUF 2.8 billion.

Assets in bond funds grew 0.1% to HUF 306 billion. Withdrawals from the funds came to HUF 2.1 billion, while yields amounted to HUF 2.3 billion.

Assets in guaranteed funds were almost unchanged as withdrawals came to HUF 3.8 billion and yields added a similar amount. Assets totaled HUF 413 billion at the end of April.

Assets in property funds grew 0.4% to HUF 431 billion. These funds attracted close to HUF 500m in fresh capital in April and yields came to HUF 1.3 billion.

Mixed funds attracted HUF 1.3 billion in April and yields added HUF 520m. Assets in these funds grew 0.5% to HUF 133 billion as a result.

Assets in closed-end securities funds grew 2.3% to HUF 677 billion in April. Withdrawals came to HUF 730m, while yields added HUF 15.6 billion.