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International book festival to open on April 22

The 17th edition of the International Book Festival of Budapest is to open its doors on April 22, with Israel being the guest of honor this year. European First Novel Festival will also be held jointly, celebrating a decade of existence.

International Book Festival of Budapest is held for the 17th time in 2010: it is a recognized event of the international world of books and also one of the important professional and intellectual forums of the region. It is a major fair with about 50,000 to 60,000 visitors annually, about presenting about 50,000 titles and hundreds of new publications.

Every year, the most renowned authors of the world are invited, with special focus on a selected country. This year, guest of honors will be Israel as a country and Amos Oz as an author, and the highlight will fall on the Israeli literature and publishing.

Joint to this event, the European First Novel Festival will be held for the 10th time to introduce talented young authors from the 19 old and new members of the European Union.

The festival is also a professional and business forum, where trade meetings, conferences and lectures are held on the key issues of the book market and of reading habits. This year, the event will host a conference for the first time about the joint action against counterfeiting and for protecting intellectual property. The market is also ready for a professional conversation about e-books or digital books and the business opportunities offered by e-book readers. (BBJ Online)