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Institutional investors subscribe HUF 834 mln RFV bonds in third phase of bond program

Institutional investors subscribed nearly HUF 834 million two-year bonds offered by listed energy-efficiency company RFV, renamed E-Star Alternatív as of March 7, in a subscription ended on Monday, the company said.

Subscription fully met expectations, E-Star Alternatív said, noting that the retail subscription, which will end on March 11, is going ahead well.

E-Star Alternatív plans to issue a minimum HUF 100 million of the bonds in the subscription, which is the third phase of its bond program.

The bonds, which pay a fixed rate of 10.44%, are to be available for public subscription between March 3-11. The bonds have a nominal value of HUF 100,000 apiece and mature in two years and eleven months.

The bonds have been offered simultaneously through two subscription procedures, one for institutional and one for non-institutional investors. The bonds are distributed by Equilor Befektetési.

In the first two phases of the bond program, a total of HUF 3.8 billion worth of the bonds were subscribed by institutional and retail investors. The bonds are traded on the Budapest Stock Exchange.