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Infopress Group Hungary sees turnover rising to HUF 5 billion in 2010

Infopress Group Hungary projects turnover of HUF 5 billion in 2010 compared to around HUF 4 billion in 2009, and it plans investments of HUF 250 million at its printing plant in Vác, near Budapest, CEO Imre Lakatos told MTI.

IPG Hungary was profitable in 2009, both on the bottom line and at the operating level, Lakatos said. The company inaugurated a HUF 6 billion, 6,000-square-meter printing plant in February 2009, and it has started construction of an additional 3,000-square-meter production hall with 1,000 square meters of office space, he added.

IPG Hungary prints premium-category magazines such as Playboy, CKM and Joy. About 20% of its revenue comes from exports.

Lakatos, together with the company's sales director Viktor Lakatos, bought IPG Hungary from Iceland's KVOS in December. The managers have purchased a stake in IPG Romania, and the Romanian company's head Géza Petroczki has bought a stake in IPG Hungary, Lakatos said. IPG Hungary aims to expand its business in Romania with the cross-ownership, he added. (MTI-Econews)