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InfomatiX launches new multi-platform mobile application development framework

InfomatiX, said to be Hungary's leading software developer in mobile information technology, has introduced the mobiaccess multi-platform mobile application development framework, bringing mobile solutions to everyone.

Today’s mobile platforms are fragmented and providing solutions for all of them require great experience. The development of customized solutions is difficult, however, after conducting several projects in the past five years worldwide, InfomatiX has developed a multi-platform mobile application development framework now available to the public. Where boxed products are just not good enough, individuals/SMEs can use mobiaccess to build their own proprietary solutions, porting the business logic to all mobile platforms.

Users can also develop any database in SQL server or even in Microsoft Access, manage it with mobiaccess’ wizards, and distribute the ready applications between their customers. Large enterprises with already existing, widely-sold successful products for PCs can also meet their clients’ demand for mobile access on all available platforms with mobiaccess, while small-scale projects as well as creative ideas can also benefit from reduced time-to-market. mobiaccess takes care of the most difficult areas – PIM synchronization, data replication, client-side visualization, access control – on all the platforms, reducing the development time, and allowing enterprises to focus on the business process.

Using mobiaccess for in-house development, we have already released several distributed, client-server solutions for pharmaceutical representatives, CRM, SFA and logistics companies,” said Eszter Kerezsi, mobile product manager. “We are proud to say that one of the top CRM solution providers in Germany also selected this technology to provide mobile access to its customers.” We have been using and polishing this framework for several years for internal projects. Now it is matured and solid enough to make it available for everyone,” said Balázs Benedek business development director. (