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IBM buys Platform Solutions, settles dispute

International Business Machines Corp (IBM) said it has bought privately held software maker Platform Solutions Inc and the two companies have dropped their legal dispute.

No financial terms were disclosed.

In December 2006, IBM sued Platform Solutions charging that the company, which makes software that can run on IBM's high-end mainframe computers, violated patents IBM holds on some of its operating systems.

In January 2007, Platform Solutions counter-sued, alleging IBM engaged in unfair competition. Platform Solutions also denied it had violated IBM's patents.

Later that year, Platform Solutions also filed a complaint with the European Commission, alleging that IBM violated an EC prohibition on abuse of market dominance by refusing to supply interface information relating to mainframe computers and refusing to license third parties. IBM responded by saying it would be bringing Platform Solutions' alleged intellectual property violations to the EC's attention.

On Wednesday, IBM said it had acquired the company, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

“As part of this acquisition, both IBM and PSI dropped their respective claims against each other,” IBM said in a statement.

Platform Solutions will become part of the IBM Systems and Technology Group, IBM said. (Reuters)