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Hungary's honey production, exports fall in 2009

Hungarian beekeepers produced between 22,000 and 23,000 tons of honey in 2009, down from 28,000 tons in 2008, Federation of Hungarian Beekeepers President Péter Bross told MTI.

Bross attributed the decline in 2009 honey production to a spring drought, noting that Hungary has not experienced a significant degree of Colony Collapse Disorder.

The Federation of Hungarian Beekeepers president said that Hungary exported 15,400 tons of honey in 2009, down 39.6% from 25,500 tons in 2008 and the lowest volume in five years.

Bross remarked that honey consumption rose to 0.5kg per capita in 2009, adding that average honey consumption in the European Union is 0.7kg per capita.

Hungary's honey imports dropped significantly to 460 tons in 2009, Bross said. (MTI – Econews)