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Hungary's game industry worth annual HUF 16 bln

Hungary's game industry is worth about HUF 16 billion a year, with organized hunting trips generating HUF 7-8 billion, János Pechtol, who heads the National Hunters Guild, told MTI.

Sales of game come to HUF 4 billion a year, Pechtol said.

There are about 57,000 hunters in Hungary, but the sport draws an annual 20-25,000 foreigners to the country as well.

Hungary's stock of pheasant is 760,000, based on an estimate from last spring. Stock of hare is 540,000, stock of wild boar is 105,000, stock of red deer is 93,000 and there are more than 360,000 roe deer. Just 4-5 wholesalers buy all of the game in Hungary, paying HUF 280 per kilogram of wild boar, HUF 550 for red deer and HUF 750 for roe deer. Retailers sell choice cuts of game for HUF 3,000-5,000 per kilogram.

A decree to be published soon by the Rural Development Ministry will give hunters the right to sell game directly to consumers, Pech said.