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Hungary to celebrate with sour cherry

A special birthday cake with sour cherry from Pánd will be given to Hungary on its 1009. birthday. The August 20 festivities include the selection of an emblematic piece of pastry for three years, offering a great marketing opportunity for the sweet-shops.

Especially for Zila Café, Restaurant and Confectionery that has been winning the right to share its recipe with the rest of the country's „sweet suppliers”. After last year's Szatmári plum and 2007 „floating island” creations this is year has another Hungaricum on the menu. Most likely the slices will be sold in hundreds again on the national holiday August 20. „This day will be busy like a Sunday afternoon, despite all the activities going on in the city,” describes managing director László Zila Jr. the way of celebration on the favorite holiday of the country.

His father, László Zila senior is the legendary pastry-cook behind the place, who's innovation is the liquid inclusion put in whipped cream-based pastries, and all the are so popular to already account for 20% of the total pastry sales.

The selection of the Birthday Cake of Hungary is aimed to create an opportunity to celebrate for all: the cake can be tasted for free in Kossuth square, at the official festivity site. (BBJ Online)