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Hungary on list of banned countries for online orders

Several international online retailers have included Hungary on their list of banned postal destinations after repeated complaints about lost shipments, national daily Magyar Hírlap reported on Tuesday. Online shops and do not deliver to Hungary at all, while has placed certain Hungarian addresses on a list of banned destinations, the paper said. According to Magyar Hírlap, there appears to be a Bermuda triangle for mail orders in Hungary, which affects both domestic and international senders and explains why most Hungarian online shops use private delivery services instead of Magyar Posta Rt.


Magyar Posta received compensation requests for 600 lost international shipments last year and around half of these claims were met. Around two-thirds of compensation requests were fully paid by international post offices and Magyar Posta, which handles around 200,000 registered international parcels each year. The post office's spokesman Tamás Tomecskó told the paper that Magyar Posta can only take responsibility for registered shipments and the rest are impossible to trace. Hungary's post office and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) are trying to address the problem by carrying out checks. According to UPU, most problems affecting European destinations can be traced back to transfer points at the Frankfurt airport, said the paper.