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Hungary mobile phone subscriptions inch up to 11,642,000 in November

The number of mobile phone subscriptions in Hungary rose 2,000 to 11,642,000 in November, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority said on Thursday.

The number of active mobile phone subscriptions - numbers that were called or from which calls were made in the previous three months - rose 1,000 from the previous month to almost 10,988,000 in November.

Market penetration was unchanged at 116.8 SIM cards per hundred people.

T-Mobile’s market share based on the total number of subscriptions rose to 44.93% from 44.91% in the previous month, Telenor’s dropped to 32.25% from 32.29% and Vodafone’s increased to 22.81% from 22.80%.

Based on subscriptions generating turnover, T-Mobile’s fell to 45.38% from 45.39%, Telenor’s rose to 32.03% from 31.95% and Vodafone’s fell to 22.59% from 22.66%.