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Hungary mobile internet subscriptions grow to 1.322 mln in January

The number of mobile internet subscriptions in Hungary rose to 1.322 million in January from 1.307 million one month earlier, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) said.

The number of active mobile internet subscriptions -- those who used the service at some time during the previous three months -- climbed to 1.017 million from 1.003 million in December, NMHH said.

Mobile internet subscribers transferred 1,377,000 gigabytes of data in January, up from 1,373,000 in December.

Vodafone's market share in terms of subscriber numbers fell to 25.45% from 25.60%, T-Mobile's grew to 48.07% from 47.78%, and Telenor's fell to 26.48% from 26.62%.

In terms of the number of active subscribers, T-Mobile's market share rose to 48.87% from 48.61%, Vodafone's market share fell to 27.56% from 27.78% and Telenor's dropped to 23.57% from 23.61%.