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Hungary herbicide, pesticide market worth annual HUF 55-60 bln

Hungary's herbicide and pesticide market is worth an annual HUF 55-60 billion László Jordán, deputy head of the Agricultural Administration Office, said on Thursday, speaking at a press conference to announce an effort by professional associations and the state to crack down on illegal pesticides and herbicides.
llegal herbicides and pesticides account for about 2% of total turnover in the segment, Jordán said.

The figure is well under the 5-6% EU average and the 20% average in neighboring countries, said Katalin Győrffy Kárpáti, who heads the Phytosanitary Chamber.

Other estimates put the value of Hungary's herbicide and pesticide market as high as HUF 70-90 billion a year, Győrffy Kárpáti told MTI. Between 23,000 and 24,000 tons of herbicides and pesticides are used in Hungary each year, she added.