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Hungary expects best tobacco crop in years

Hungarian tobacco farmers expect their best harvest in years this year after one of the worst in 2010, Illés Benyei, head of the Hungarian National Association of Tobacco Growers (MADOSZ), told MTI on Monday.

Average yield per hectare climbed to 1.7-1.8 tons this year from 1.2 tons in 2010, Benyei said. The quality of the crop is also expected to be among the best of recent years, he added.

Hungarian farmers planted tobacco on 4,841 hectares this year, down 1,014 hectares from 2010. Virginia tobacco was planted on 3.400 hectares, down about 600 hectares from 2010, and Burley was planted on 1,400 hectares, down 300-400 hectares from the previous year.

Farm gate prices are up 15-18% this year, Benyei said.