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Hungary confident of Paks passing stress test

Hungarian politicians are confident that the 2,000 MW Paks nuclear power plant will pass an upcoming stress test, prescribed for European nuclear plants in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan.

"I am confident that Paks will not just pass the test, but will pass with flying colors," Antal Rogán, head of Parliament's Economic Committee said at a press conference in Paks on Tuesday.

The committee was briefed by Paks's management on the plant's operations and safety status. Rogán noted that Paks already underwent a HUF 60 billion ($300 million) safety upgrade, including earthquake protection measures, in 1996-2002.

As a result, the plant is believed to able to withstand "an earthquake at least as big as Japan's," while Paks's on-site temporary spent fuel storage units could handle an even bigger one, according to Rogán.

The chairman said that members of the committee from all political parties expressed support for the plant's ongoing lifetime extension program – which will see the lifespan of Paks's four units prolonged by 20 years through the mid-2030s – as well as its planned expansion by two new units in the 2020s.