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Hungary: center for Zeiss lens production

As a result of recently completed investments worth €1.7 million, Carl Zeiss Vision Hungary's Mátészalka plant has become the centre for the production of Zeiss glass lenses, the business daily Világgazdaság reported on Monday, quoting president and CEO Ilona Radics.

The Mátészalka unit is the only Zeiss plant in Europe making glass spectacles lenses, Radics added.

The plant, which employs 450 workers, has recently started manufacturing bifocal, multifocal and other special lenses. These are supplied to shops in Europe within 24 hours.

The parent company set up the distribution warehouse serving European opticians last year in Mátészalka, which took over the work of a London-based depot. This logistics centre also receives lenses from Zeiss' Mexican and Chinese plants and supplies 70,000-75,000 lenses per day to Europe.

Carl Zeiss Vision moved the first phase of the production of top-quality silicate-based progressive lenses to Mátészalka in 2006. (MTI-ECONEWS)