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Hungary breadstuff production up 5% at 4 mln tonnes this year

Hungary has produced about 4 million tons of grain for making bread this year, agrarian ministry's state secretary Endre Kardeván announced. 

Much of the breadstuff will be exported, Endre Kardeván said. Prices are rather high, at HUF 48,000-53,000 per ton, he added.

Storage capacity for crops is entirely sufficient, considering recent big expansions, he said. There will be no problem storing crops, even maize, he added.

Endre Kardevan was speaking at a bread-baking demonstration by the Gere Bakery of Szigethalom, just south of the capital. The bakery showed the process of making Saint Stephen's bread, a premium category product based on a recipe by the Hungarian bakers association MPSz.

Hungary's celebrates Saint Stephen's Day, a national holiday, on August 20.