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Hungarians plant first fig orchard in Central Europe

Hungary's Fügeliget has planted the first fig orchard in Central Europe, managing director Endre Harcz told MTI.

Fügeliget has planted 500 saplings in the orchard near Hungary's border with Slovenia and it will plant a further thousand next year, Harcz said. The trees are expected to bear the first fruit next summer already, but large-scale harvesting will take place only from the third year, he added.

Fügeliget was set up by two hobbyists interested in meteorology and growing figs. They spent several years searching for a suitable site for the orchard, finally choosing a six-hectare area near Tormafölde.

Harcz said that, to the best of his knowledge, the nearest fig orchard is in Italy, close to Naples. (MTI – Econews)