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Hungarians also bring home corporate data

The protection against data loss could have an increased importance for every business in the coming years. Instead of hackers, the most trouble is caused by employees.

Almost 80% of the attacks against corporate IT systems could come from insider risk factors, recent data of Symantec and Ponemon Institute shows. The crisis even worsened the situation with laid-off employees sending out sensitive data from their former employer. According to the research 59% of the workers have taken data from their workplaces. In most cases it is about forwarding corporate email-lists or client information, but there were also financial data and plans taken illegally.

“Hungarian managers are shocked when they see the latest surveys about risks of data loss. However, they hardly ever think of their own companies as potential targets. Unfortunately, the number of laid-off staff is rising and it also increases the data security risks. The most careful sector is that of the financial institutes that has done precautions, but none of the industries should be just waiting,” CDSYS managing director Krisztián Egerszegi said. CDSYS is specialized on IT risk management and Symantec data loss prevention solutions that can effectively fight in-house attacks. (BBJ Online)