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Hungarian sweets industry worth annual Ft 135 bln

Hungary's sweets industry is worth an annual Ft 135 billion and expands 2%-3% each year, Mátyás Halbritter, president of the Association of Sweets Producers, told a press conference marking the start of the holiday season on Thursday.

Hungary's sweets companies turn out 70,000 tons of products each year, of which about 16% is exported, Halbritter said. These exports have exceeded the amount of sweets imports, which account for a little less than a quarter of the market, for the past five years, he added. About 8% of sweets industry revenue is spent on marketing.
The holiday season will see the sale of about 5,000 tons of chocolate figurines, more than half of annual production, and 6,500 tons of traditional Hungarian Christmas chocolates, Halbritter said.