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Hungarian Kürt to start US operations

Information security company Kürt Zrt is planning on registering a new branch in the US this fall, said company CEO József Kmetty.

The first project, worth $500,000, is currently under preparation, which may be followed by 3 or 4 similar projects. According to the investor's estimates, which has already spent approximately $1 million on market research, the US subsidiary could be self-funding within a year. „Learning from the faux-pas of many Hungarian companies investing overseas, we have focused a lot on minimizing risk. Our partners, including Hungarian emigrants, are working on mapping the business opportunities for a long while. The future members of the board will gain stake in the company. The most important condition of success is to have a dedicated sales team,” explained Kmetty. He thinks the company is not going to be judged based on the economic performance of the county, though Kürt Zrt could suffer from disadvantageous business conditions on the long run. Kürt recently opened a new office in Dubai with a staff of 20 composed in equal proportion of Hungarian and local employees. (Magyar Hirlap)