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Hungarian exporters up cheese sales to Arab markets

Hungarian cheese exporters have boosted their sales to the Arab world, benefiting from the ban imposed on Danish imports in the Arab countries after the caricature scandal, national daily Népszabadság said on Friday.

As the European Union has prohibited the production of feta cheese, Hungarian dairy companies have shifted to white cream cheese, which is particularly popular among Arab buyers.
Riad Naboulsi, the Lebanese-born owner of Köröstej Rt, a company based in southeast Hungary, told Népszabadság that in spite of the fact that the caricatures of Prophet Mohamed had been re-printed in some Hungarian papers, the local Arab community had made sure that Hungary was able to continue delivering dairy products to the region.
Köröstej, for instance, has doubled its sales to Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Naboulsi said the company planned to export 5,000 to 6,000 tons of cheese to the region this year, and hoped to retain its new markets even if the Danes return.