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Hungarian-Czech-Slovak consortium to build test Generation IV nuclear reactor

A Hungarian-Czech-Slovak consortium will build a test Generation IV nuclear reactor as part of a joint project worth several tens of billions of Czech koruna (several hundreds of billions of Hungarian forints), MTI's Prague correspondent reported on Tuesday evening.

The consortium is now in the process of selecting the site, CEO Alex John of UJV Rez, the Czech member of the consortium told a conference in Prague on Tuesday. 

They are discussing the possibility of building the test Allegro reactor near the village of Dukovany in southern Czech Republic, John said, noting that the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station, whose lifespan will expire in 2035, John said. 

French nuclear authorities, who have been working on development of the reactor, have been cooperating with the consortium, and are ready to share their results with it, John said.

John said that construction of an Allegro nuclear reactor would begin in 2025 at the earliest. The European Union could join in financing the project at a later stage, he said.

World Nuclear News reported earlier that the consortium to develop the new-generation reactor is composed of Hungary's AEKI Budapest, the Czech Republic's UJV Rez and Slovakia's VUJE Trnava.