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Hungarian companies still afraid of outsourcing

While IT outsourcing is getting more and more important globally, Hungarian entrepreneurs are still cautious about outsourcing their process. It's main reason might be the lack of understanding on both the supply and the demand side, a recent joint survey of BellResearch and Invitel revealed.

In an effort to try to understand motivations behind the market players and operation, Invitel and BellResearch conducted a joint research about outsourcing IT processes. They found that most entrepreneurs and IT managers don't have the necessary amount of information on the matter and therefore are aversive.

"There are deficiencies on both sides: the companies don't have a clear definition of outsourcing while suppliers lack the ability to explain that," Mihály Sugár of BellResearch said.

On the demand side, managers and owners of companies don't trust suppliers and are usually afraid to outsource confidential enterprise IT data - while naturally outsource bookkeeping, for example. They are not even aware how outsourcing can help in cheaper and more effective operation. Meanwhile, large enterprises are well informed but their processes are more complicated and the IT personnel is also against to voluntarily decrease their competencies.

On the supply side, the main problem is not to be able to make the client understand the benefits and to make them see the guarantees of the service. It's also their responsibility to understand the client's operations and offer the best tailor-made solutions on the right level. (BBJ)