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Hungarian car sales increase

The number of cars sold in Hungary last year decreased by 5.8% to 177,000 (compared to 2006), according to data by association of vehicle distributors MGE.

This results represents improvement compared to sales figures published after the first 6 months, as the number of cars sold in the period starting in January through June represented 12.2% decrease compared to those in 2006. Sales of SUV's and premium category models increased most, while less small cars were sold. Top list of best selling brands (Suzuki, followed by Opel, and Ford) remained unchanged, but all sold less cars than in 2006. Number four and five on the list was Volkswagen and Skoda, respectively. Brands increasing their sales mot include Alfa Romeo (by 35%), Mini (by 15%), and Volvo (by 14%). Luxury brands such as Maserati, Porsche, and Lexus increased their sales as well, and sold 7, 104, and 316 cars, respectively. (NG 2)