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Hungarian 3D innovation in shops from today

From 10am on Thursday, the revolutionary 3d invention of Dániel Rátai will be available in the shops. The virtual reality product called Leonar3do can turn any simple PC into a 3D configuration.

After five years of development, the product became ready to be sold to the wide audiences. With Leonar3do, the user can create or edit totally realistic virtual objects in the space with the 3d cursor of a bird's shape.

The invention won several awards with many international acknowledgements among them. Leonar3do's inventor made the first impression at the Intel-ISEF world competition of world scientists in Arizona, Phoenix in May 2005, and winning six first prizes with the prototype. A few years and several different awards later, the team developing Leonar3Do into a product was the only international prize-winner out of ten countries that gained qualification for the exhibition of Churchill Club Panel on Young Entrepreneurs in Palo Alto, 24th May 2010. Churchill Club is considered to be the number one business and technology forum of Silicon Valley. (BBJ)