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Huncargo to spend HUF 630 mln beefing up warehouse capacity

Hungarian road haulage company Huncargo Holding began construction of a HUF 630 million, 5,000‑square-meter warehouse at its base in Hungary, the second-consecutive year in which the company has built a warehouse of this cost and size, Huncargo chief executive Gábor Kerekes said on Wednesday.

The warehouse will be the third one on the site. Huncargo built its first warehouse in 2006.

Kerekes said that Huncargo Holding applied for HUF 240 million in European Union funding for the project. The EU is expected to make a decision regarding support for the planned expansion of the base in Sopron (NW Hungary) this summer.

The new warehouse will have eight docks to ensure cross-docking ─the rapid transfer of shipments from inbound to outbound trucks.

Kerekes said Huncargo had revenue of HUF 4.6 billion in 2010, generating profit last year as it has for many years. Econews reported in May 2010 that the company had revenue of HUF 2 billion in 2009.

Huncargo operates 110 trucks and serves a similar number of subcontracted vehicles, transporting goods primarily to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.