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Humet shareholders approve HUF 70m capital raise

Shareholders of Hungarian dietary supplement maker Humet approved a HUF 70 million capital raise in a private placement of newly issued shares at a general meeting on Monday, Humet said on Tuesday.

The 3.5 million shares have a face value of HUF 6 but will be subscribed at HUF 20 apiece, thus registered capital will rise by HUF 21 million to HUF 468 million. The newly issued shares carry ten times the voting rights of ordinary shares.

The shareholders also mandated the board to raise capital in one or several steps by at most HUF 1.67 billion until November 2, 2014. Any further shares issued under the board's mandate will have nominal value of HUF 6, but are to be subscribed at HUF 20 apiece. (MTI-Econews)