Are you sure? aspires to become market leader

State-owned news portal wants to beat and and become Hungary’s market leader., the website of the daily news broadcasts on state-owned public television wants to drastically improve its positions on the market and edge out popular rivals and and become market leader, managing director of national newswire MTI, Csaba Belénessy said on the Advertisement-Media conference of business daily Napi Gazdaság.

After the centralization of state-owned news service providers, he confirmed that MTI intends to provide free services. Users will have to register on’s website to access 70% of the daily news stream free of charge. Users will have to pay for the remaining 30% that includes analyses, summaries, and the photo archive.

Market players have already expressed their disapproval of the plan. Róbert Braun, co-owner of newswire Független Hírügynökség said that the free news model to be adopted by MTI will seriously distort the market. He added that this model is basically state subsidy, which is prohibited. He added that Független Hírügynökség has already initiated legal proceedings in the case and should the Hungarian state not provide them with a response, they will turn to the European Committee.