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Hertz, Avis to offer hybrid rental options

Car rental rivals Hertz and Avis both announced they are adding thousands of fuel-efficient and eco-friendly hybrids to their US fleets this month.

Hertz, headquartered in Park Ridge, N.J., said it will add 1,000 Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrids at 50 larger airport locations and in Manhattan, USA Today reported Thursday. Avis, of Garden City, N.Y., said it would introduce 1,000 hybrid vehicles into its fleet, primarily in California, with some in Washington, Seattle and Portland, Ore. Enterprise reported its fleet has more fuel-efficient cars than other rental companies. The St. Louis-based company said 28 percent of its 199,000 vehicles worldwide average at least 32 miles per gallon of gas. Hertz, the largest rental company at airports, said a hybrid car will cost renters $5 to $10 more per day. If a renter drives 500 miles, a hybrid car can save between $20 and $45 in gas expenses over a standard vehicle. (