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Hajdú Gabona rebuilds mill for Ft 1.5 bln

Milling company Hajdú Gabona Rt has completed reconstruction of its mill in Hajdúnánás, northeast Hungary for Ft 1.5 billion, CEO Zoltán Lakatos announced today.

The company used bank loans of Ft 765 million for the project, as well as subsidies of Ft 250 million from SAPARD and Ft 50 million from AVOP.

The rebuilt unit, which includes a 22,000-ton grain storage facility, has capacity to grind 250 tons of wheat a day.

Hajdú Gabona had profit of Ft 150 million on revenue of Ft 7.5 billion last year, and expects to keep its profit level on slightly lower revenue of Ft 7 billion in 2006, Lakatos said.