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Gyurcsány tells how he spent Ft 87 mln income

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány told a Sunday paper that he spent last year's Ft 87 million (€310,000) income from his businesses on tax payments, supporting his family and giving donations.

Gyurcsány told Vasárnap Reggel that the Ft 87 million he reported on his tax return this year was represented by dividend payments, so 25% of it went on tax. The rest was spent on supporting his four children, his niece, nephew, sister and mother. He also donated around Ft 10 million to a dozen of foundations, such as the political organisation Amoeba, he said. The prime minister said he had not bought any properties, cars or paintings last year. His only big expense was a ring for his wife for their ten-year wedding anniversary. Gyurcsány said he gave all of his prime ministerial salary to charities last year.