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Gyulai Huskombinat export sales climb on Russian demand for liver pate

Gyulai Huskombinat, one of Hungary's most famous sausage makers, expects to boost exports this year from 10-15% to 30% of revenue, because of growing orders from Russia for liver-based products, Janos Ruck, CEO of parent company HAGE-Nagisz, said at a press conference in Gyula on Monday.

Thanks to Russian orders, the plant in Gyula will turn out 5,000 tonnes of liver-based products this year, up from 3,000 tonnes last year, Mr Ruck said. The orders will make up for a drop in domestic demand in earlier years, he added.

Gyulai Huskombinat's revenue could reach HUF 10bn this year, he said.

Gyulai Huskombinat makes 10,000-12,000 tonnes of liver-based products and 4,000 tonnes of sausage a year. It is well known for its liver pate as well as its Gyulai and Csabai brands of sausage. Gyulai Huskombinat has controlled about 30% of Hungary's liver pate market for years.

The plant has hired almost 50 more people to work its liver processing line, which now runs on two shifts. Total headcount at the plant has reached 450.