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GVH slaps fine on repeat offenders

The Hungarian Competition Office (GVH) has fined three companies for failing to observe the corrective measures laid out in an earlier reprimand, GVH said.

In July 2007 the watchdog fined undergarment seller Provea SA HUF 7 million, educational card game maker Editions Atlas SA Kft and their affiliate Linea Directa Kft HUF 7.5 million each for breaching standing advertising regulations.

Until the companies comply with the earlier ruling Linea Directa, Provea SA and Editions Atlas are to pay a daily fine of HUF 5,000, HUF 35,000 and HUF 40,000,respectively.

The value of the daily fine approximates the legally set maximum of HUF 50,000, but GVH said it took into consideration that the companies have already taken some smaller steps to clarifying their activities and voiced their intentions to fully remedy their transgressions. (MTI - Econews)