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GVH likely to decide on complaint against pharmacies in 2-3 weeks

Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) will probably decide in 2-3 weeks on a complaint against the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists (MGYOK) brought by Hungary's National Trade Association (OKSZ), head of GVH's services office Teréz Amberger Torják told MTI on Tuesday.

Although GVH has 60 days to start a procedure against MGYOK from the receipt of the complaint, it will probably decide on the matter much sooner, Torják said. OKSZ has alleged that the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists (MGYOK) colluded with pharmacists to fix the price of non-subsidised drugs and reported the chamber to the Competition Office (GVH). OKSZ also alleged that MGYOK has illegally lobbied drug makers to support their efforts to halt the sale of some over-the-counter drugs outside of pharmacies. At the start of the year, Hungary introduced laws which would allow the sale of some OTC drugs outside of pharmacies for the first time. (Mti-Eco, Bloomberg)