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Greece: EU fosters more trust than state

Greeks trust European Union institutions more than their national ones, according to a new Eurobarometer survey, which also reveals that Greeks have the least faith in the media among all EU citizens - reports local Kathimerini.

Eight in 10 Greeks do not trust political parties – one of the highest rates among all 27 EU states – according to the survey, which was conducted at the end of last year and made public by EU officials in Athens yesterday. In addition, only half (52%) of Greeks trust the national Parliament. But nearly the same proportion of Greeks (46%) declare, that they trust their government, as compared to an average of just 34% in other EU countries. Furthermore, 65% of Greeks state that they have faith in the EU, a significantly high proportion compared to the EU average of 48%. Greeks appear to be even more fond of the European Parliament, with 77% saying they trusted it. Greeks also display one of the highest rates (80%) of satisfaction with their country’s membership of the EU.

The survey also showed Greeks to be the most suspicious of national media, with 62% declaring their lack of trust, against an EU average of 49%. Greeks are also critical of their television channels, with just 36% having a positive view, compared to the EU average of 52%. Greeks are distinctly less at ease with the Internet too, with 62% saying they mistrust it, significantly above the EU average of 35%. The survey examined citizens’ attitudes on a range of other subjects, including the economy and the environment – with Greeks again among the moodiest in the bloc. Three-quarters (72%) of all Greek respondents said they believed the state of the environment in their country was “bad.” Only the Hungarians were more despondent on this issue. A similar percentage of Greeks (76%) believe that the national economy is in a bad state. Again only Hungary – along with Portugal, Lithuania and Croatia – had a gloomier outlook. (Kathimerini, Greece)