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Graphisoft implements TNO's product modeling ontology

A new concept by TNO, the Netherland based environmental company, called Product Modeling Ontology (PMO), enables building designers and constructors to make and adjust designs faster and with fewer errors, and to automatically calculate the consequences.

The concept is currently being implemented by Graphisoft, a world leader with its ArchiCAD design software for architects and builders, in the context of the EU Manubuild Project. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the joint storage and processing of all of a construction’s relevant data. The Product Modeling Ontology concept now extends these possibilities.

Thanks to PMO, the consequences of changes to the building model can be directly processed by computer. Until now, this process of managing changes was an expensive procedure, prone to errors. PMO allows the computer to take over this task. “Graphisoft has always invented the future in building industry. Our collaboration with TNO is no different”, stated Dominic Gallello, CEO of Graphisoft.

Modeling Ontology is one of the first practical applications of the Semantic Web (the new generation of internet applications). TNO and Graphisoft are leaders in the building industry with regard to this important technology. Project Modeling Ontology is an open model that is available to everyone free of charge. (tenlinks)