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Graphisoft announced spring ArchitectsJURY contest results

The final results of the 2007 spring design competition for architectural students were announced today by Graphisoft.

Based on four months of completely open voting by the community of the „JURY” elected the Apartment House project in Sarov, Russia as the winning entry. The project was designed and completely modeled in ArchiCAD by Ilya Ilin who is currently a 7th grade student of architecture at Nizhny Novgorod State University in Russia.

„This project attempts to come nearer to Plato’s world of pure geometrical idea - the idea of forms, whose beauty is of not relative but absolute character. A visual connection of volume with an environment...” says Ilya Ilin about his design. If you missed the competition this time, don’t worry, you have an equal chance to win in the next series, the 2007 Fall ArchitectsJURY competition. (