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Grafton's overseas profits exceed domestic figures

Gross profits from Irish recruitment firm Grafton Employment Solutions Portfolio are overtaking those earned in the company's domestic businesses, according to Grafton's most recent set of results.

Grafton Employment Solutions Portfolio, which has its headquarters in Belfast, has announced record trading results for its Irish and international businesses combined, with gross profit up for 2006-7 by 17.6% to £36.9 million ($72.9 million)on turnover of over £110.6 million ($218.5 million). Gross profit for its Irish operations amounted to £17.7 million, while the gross profit from overseas led with £19.2 million. A similar situation is forecast for 2007-8, although turnover from the Irish business will continue to significantly outpace that of overseas operations. „Over the next 12 months we expect to move to a situation where our international network contributes at least as much in terms of profit to the company as our Irish business,” said Grafton co-founder and group chairman James Kilbane.

The next 12 months will see the Irish recruiter expand its footprint, both in Ireland and abroad, to over 90 offices. Its expansion will include new offices in Chile, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey as well as Ireland. A new office opened in Athens under Grafton's executive search brand Spengler Fox two weeks ago. Globally, the company is also present in Belgium, China, France, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain and United Arab Emirates. (