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Gov’t wants bigger share of retail for Hungarians

A stronger domestic economy is not possible without a significant part of it being in Hungarian hands, state secretary Kristóf Szatmáry told daily Magyar Nemzet.

Accordingly the government considers it crucial to decrease the competitive disadvantage of domestic retailers and suppliers compared to their multinational counterparts.

The government is already considering several smaller measures which is expected to improve the domestic retail segment’s chances. Szatmáry cited plans for limiting the Sunday opening hours of retailers, and prohibiting unfair distribution practices. He also noted that the jurisdiction of watchdogs has been extended over recent times so they can take more decisive action against illicit practices.

Szatmáry said that the government does not yet know how they would hold foreign retail majors to accept a bigger part of the public burden after 2013, the expiration of crisis taxes introduced by the Orbán cabinet. While stressing that the extra levy imposed on major retailers, energy and telecoms firm will not stay on the long term, the government is still determined to demand a bigger tax contribution from foreign retail firms.