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Gov’t seeks cooperation with biggest investors

The Hungarian government and the biggest Hungarian investors agreed that they will regularly consult in the future about their middle and long term economic strategy, especially about sustainable growth, National Economy Minister György Matolcsy said.

Matolcsy provided a short outlook review over the government’s earlier announced action plan, explaining how it can help the Hungarian economy return to growth. He suggested creating a workshop including the members of the Investors’ Council and the government to develop the exact steps contained.

János Takács, managing director of Electrolux Lehel Kft, current president of the Investors’ Council expressed his hope that the government would take into consideration the opinion and suggestions of the group, and openly discuss its short term goals, looking to the Investors’ Council as a “trustworthy partner”.

The Investors’ Council comprises the hundred biggest investors in Hungary who completed an investment of more than $100 million each.