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Google praises Árukereső.hu

Google has published a case study about the work of a Hungarian comparison shopping site, Árukereső.hu, in which the international internet search engine and e-mail giant praises the professional performance and technological innovations of the web page.

Árukereső.hu said they they achieved this result without the help of an agency, solely with their own team and proprietary software.

Árukereső.hu is the leading comparison shopping site in Hungary that generates part of its turnover with the help of AdWords type advertisements placed on the Google search page.

The company believes that the main professional task in Hungarian e-trade is to increase the trust of customers. To achieve it, customers must find useful information about the product real time, during their search and then be directed to a trustworthy shop, the management of the site explained. Every purchase that ends with the satisfaction of the customer will add to customer confidence and trust, and thus will help the development of e-trade.

The company is based in Budapest, and has comparison sites in five countries including Turkey's market leding site, The professional and technological developments mentioned by Google are used in all countires.