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GM doubles Serbian market share

US-based automotive giant General Motors (GM) has reportedly 4,993 Opels and 2,492 Chevrolets in Serbia in 2007.

The company stresses that five months after concluding a deal with Zastava in Kragujevac, Opel has become the leading car importer in Serbia, and for the first time in history, last November, a foreign manufacturer outsold its domestic rivals in monthly sales.

In mid-2007, Zastava signed a contract with General Motors for the production of the Astra Classic 2 model, due to start this September, while the government have allowed 8,300 models of the vehicle to be imported tax-free over the course of the last year.

Opel has gone from selling 1,942 vehicles and having a 4.1% share of the market in 2006, to almost tripling sales to 4,993 vehicles, and increasing their market share to 8.9%.

In 2007, sales in Chevrolets increased 60%, selling 2,492 vehicles compared to only 1,543 in 2006. Its market share has increased from 3.26% to 4.44%. (B92)